Jesus Was More Than a Social Worker, He Was a Miracle Worker

July 25, 2021


In past generations the church has introduced the world to Jesus in His love. Through good works of helping the hurting and the broken, ...

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Change Is Not the Same as Transformation

July 18, 2021


We are able to change without God, but we’ll never be transformed without God. Many in the church world have settles for changing into ...

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Being Taught By the Holy Spirit Spiritual Truths

July 11, 2021


Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Him. The wonders of God are waiting to be transferred ...

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Get Into The Presence Of Your Father. Now!

July 10, 2021


Entering into the presence of God is a beautiful experience, and it is the power and strength to bring hope and victory into our ...

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Jesus Is Our Intercessor And Not Our Lawyer

July 3, 2021


At your salvation you are born into the family of God. God actually became your Heavenly Father and you are His child. Many Christians ...

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Strive to Spend Time With God and Grow in Love

June 27, 2021


Unsaved men walked in the power of God before Jesus was glorified. The Holy Spirit was able to work with them with His giftings. ...

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God Never Abandons Anyone

June 26, 2021


Always remember that it is impossible for God to ever abandon you. There should never be a fear of God that says you can ...

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When You Pray for the Future God Deals With You About Today

June 20, 2021


God is perfect and complete in every way. When we pray to change our circumstances it is never Him that needs to change. He ...

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Being Safe With God While Not Being Perfect

June 19, 2021


Everyone knows that you are a work in progress, including God. He is not surprised at the weaknesses that you may battle to overcome. ...

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The Two Trees of Christianity

June 13, 2021


Years ago the Lord told me that my foundation was in the wrong place. I was doing and saying everything right but the base ...

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Grace Empowers You But Does Not Liberate You From The Fight Of The Flesh

June 12, 2021


In a healthy family we are certainly given grace to learn and grow. I want my kids to grow in character, not to just ...

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Beware Of The Two Ways To Fall From Grace

June 5, 2021


In understanding grace, we must accept that we can never earn it but can only receive it by faith in Christ. His grace is ...

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Partnering With The Life Changing Grace Of God

May 29, 2021


When you were young, did you ever see an Olympic gymnast and then try to copy one of the flips because they made it ...

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Healthy Grace Is Powerful

May 22, 2021


God’s gift to us was His righteousness and our gift back to Him should be our holiness. Please don’t be discouraged in your walk ...

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Grace Is Not A Bad Word, In Fact It Is A Beautiful Word

May 15, 2021


What does grace really mean for you? There are so many variations of what it stands for in the Body of Christ. Some say ...

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The Necessity of Spiritual Maturity

May 9, 2021


There is a difference between building the church and building the people. The flesh desires purpose to feel fulfilled and worthy, but activity for ...

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Beware Of The Agenda Of Twisted Grace

May 8, 2021


When we are walking with God, relying on His definition of grace is so important. Grace is powerful but if misunderstood it can become ...

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The Miracle of ‘Newness of Life’

May 4, 2021


In our first birth we were born into a fallen race, and since that time God has been trying to rescue us out of ...

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Exposing The Unhealthy Grace Message

May 1, 2021


God’s love never changes toward us, but beware of the message of the false prophets that will lead you down a path that brings ...

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Going to the Place of the Impossible

April 25, 2021


The Holy Spirit ministers from the inside of you once you’re born again and it’s the greatest work the Holy Spirit can ever do! ...

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