The Pathway Of Hope Into Holiness

June 1, 2024


No matter what you are going through, no matter what you are struggling with, or how many times you feel like you’ve failed, there ...

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The Voice Of Righteousness In You

May 25, 2024


What a true miracle it was when God, at your salvation, wrote His laws onto your heart and in your mind! He wrote the ...

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The New Nature Is Our Righteousness And Light

May 18, 2024


You are the light of God the moment that you are born again. The real you is a child of light, a child of ...

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Bringing Forward Righteousness From Your New Nature

May 11, 2024


Whether you have a good day or a bad day, this does not determine your righteousness; you are still a child of God. He ...

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Righteousness Is Your Foundation To Build On

May 4, 2024


The moment you were born again, righteousness was the nature you received. That nature is complete and is Christ in you. You cannot grow ...

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Add These Things To Righteousness To Walk In The Blessings

April 27, 2024


Receiving the blessings of God is different then walking in His promises. It is important for us to understand the difference. God’s heart is ...

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Righteous Is The Pathway To The Promises

April 20, 2024


The righteousness of Christ in us gives us the right to believe for God’s promises. Salvation, healing, deliverance, and provision have all been paid ...

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You Do Not Have A Covenant With God

April 13, 2024


Jesus made a way for His Father to become our Father. There was nothing we could do before Christ, and nothing we can do ...

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Why Abraham’s Circumcision Matters In Our Righteousness

April 6, 2024


We cannot earn our righteousness through our actions, we must be born into it. There is a powerful revelation of our salvation in the ...

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What Gives Us The Right To Believe For The Promises?

March 30, 2024


What gives you the right to believe God for His promises? If our standing to receive from God is based on our actions we ...

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Do Not Add Your Works to God’s Grace

March 24, 2024


There are promises that we have as children of God that cannot be earned. They are solely by inheritance and impossible to earn. Our ...

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How To Be Fearless When Facing Persecution

March 16, 2024


I’ve often been in awe of people in history who walked through incredible hardships. We may not ever face martyrdom but Jesus tells us ...

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What Is The Chastising Of The Lord?

March 9, 2024


God doesn’t desire for us to run from persecution but rather for us to walk through it. As the world turns closer to the ...

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Preparing Yourself Against Persecution

March 2, 2024


It’s important for us to know that this life isn’t our end game. We have a life eternal ahead of us. If we only ...

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Endurance And Patience Are Ingredients To Victory

February 24, 2024


There is a path to your calling that will go through every test and trial by His strength. It is a cost of death ...

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Finding Promotion By Becoming An Unprofitable Servant

February 17, 2024


Many believers seek God for His promotion but they are trapped in a carnal understanding. Yes you are called of God – but that ...

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A Secret For Promotion In Your Calling

February 10, 2024


There is only one way into our callings. God will ask us to give up all of our plan B strategies and trust only ...

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Don’t Give Up, The Path Of Prayer Is The Path Of Victory

February 3, 2024


Many believers serve God with their life but few are willing to lay their life down. Doing things on behalf of the gospel is ...

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Jesus In Us Is The Authority For Revival

January 27, 2024


God wants revival more than we do. Revival does not come because of His timing but from us seeking His face. The authority of ...

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The Church Is to Be Jesus to the Lost

January 20, 2024


God’s heart towards us as His children is that we will come to Him. He doesn’t want a person to be between you and ...

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