Jesus the Incorruptible Seed for All Generations

October 10, 2020


The video is also available at this link.

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Build Your House on the Wisdom and Direction of God

October 4, 2020


We don’t walk in the impossible using wisdom from this world! We need His wisdom and His knowledge to walk in the Victory God ...

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Jesus Was Born of Faith and We Are Born Again by Faith

October 3, 2020


The video is also available at this link.

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Salvation Was the Beginning of Transformation

September 27, 2020


Our salvation was the beginning of a beautiful transformation. Much in the way that a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. Let’s walk with ...

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Jesus Is The Only Door You Got

September 26, 2020


Old things are passed away behold all things have become new! We are of the Seed of God now. Jesus was legally born as ...

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God’s All Consuming Fire Wants You

September 20, 2020


The Holy Spirit is an all consuming fire. It will devour everything that touches it, including our own desires. But when we can say ...

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You Really Are A Child Of God

September 19, 2020


Becoming “born again” is so much more than a statement of faith. It is the beginning of an incredible transformation from one species into ...

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Pressing for the High Call of God in Jesus Christ

September 13, 2020


For God to be in charge of our life, He needs us to CHOOSE the path into the high call. That means us completely ...

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The Law of Genesis Versus Predestination

September 12, 2020


Learning the difference between these views will help us know what is from God and what is not from God. Nothing is impossible when ...

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Growing in God From the ‘Possible’ to the ‘Impossible’

September 6, 2020


When we hit what we feel is impossible, only God has the answers. We find the wisdom to grow and overcome in Him alone. ...

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Jesus Is the Seed for the Children of God

September 5, 2020


We begin our rebirth with the image of Christ in us. Jesus is the seed we now come from and because of that all ...

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Understanding ‘Joel’s Army’ Through I Corinthians 12

August 30, 2020


Scripture tells us that we belong in the body of Christ AND Joel’s army. God has a specific job for each of us and ...

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Adam Was the Seed for Mankind

August 29, 2020


We were brought into existence by the will of man. We were born the first time from the seed of Adam, but we are ...

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The 100 Fold Message: Laying Down Your Life for the Gospel

August 23, 2020


Let’s continue to keep our standards high. Never accepting a lesser move of God. The path we are on will bring Revival and also ...

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From the Seed of Adam to the Seed of Christ

August 22, 2020


God created Adam in His image, but then he sinned and the seed to the entire human race was corrupted. God could not fix ...

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We Are Pressing Into Revival

August 16, 2020


The devil will do everything he can do to stop you. He tempted Jesus and he will tempt you as well. We must not ...

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Spiritual Truths Originate From God Alone

August 15, 2020


The world has wisdom but it is foolishness to God. The world’s wisdom will always come to an end but Wisdom that originates from ...

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What Gives You the Right to Receive God’s Love

August 9, 2020


God is the same now as He was in the Old Testament except now we don’t need to be afraid of Him. He hasn’t ...

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You Are Able to Understand All Spiritual Truths

August 8, 2020


There are two sources of knowledge, the world and God. Now that we are born again we have the ability to understand and learn ...

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