The Parasites of Revival

April 11, 2021


So many people have described what a revival or a move of God looks like. So much so that there are many different ideas ...

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Joel’s Army: The Anointing of the Believer

April 4, 2021


The anointing of the believer is the promise of Jesus that each child of God may walk in the full power and presence of ...

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Two Different Ways to Walk Into the Power of Holy Spirit

March 28, 2021


The Lord asked me to stop pursuing His power by chasing the gifts of the Spirit and to pursue His Love instead. The pathway ...

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Individually and Corporately You Are Part of the Body of Christ

March 21, 2021


God is our Father and His first desire is to have a personal and intimate relationship with each of us. As individuals we want ...

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How to Cultivate Victory for Difficult Times

March 20, 2021


The power in the Word of God to shape our opinions and guide our actions should not depend on our viewpoint. The Word will ...

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Do You Have a Covenant or a Birth Certificate?

March 14, 2021


The Old Testament contains the laws of how the Jewish people were to walk with God. The covenant they had was as men who ...

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You Have a Father Who Loves You – Believe It!

March 13, 2021


When I watch my kids play sports, as their father, I single them out among the others and focus on them. God is your ...

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Paul’s Last Instructions to Timothy

March 7, 2021


I saw a news report on a man who only had a few months to live and he poured out his heart in a ...

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We Are No Longer Sinners Saved By Grace

March 6, 2021


We are no longer sinners saved by grace. We are new creatures now saved by grace! We really are new creations born from above ...

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Pray That God Will Open Your Spiritual Eyes

February 28, 2021


We are on a path of sanctification that begins with actions of holiness and ends in the fruit of holiness. There is a high ...

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Save Your Future By Walking In Forgiveness

February 27, 2021


Life can be hard for some and very difficult for others. Many believers are trapped in the past where they were hurt and taken ...

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Being Impressed With The Still Small Voice

February 20, 2021


So many believers are looking for God in the whirlwind. Too many are searching for experiences from the spirit world, but the best of ...

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The Importance Of Praying In Tongues – With A Prayer To Receive It At The End

February 13, 2021


Inside of each of us we hold an image of who we are and of who God is. We see all things through the ...

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Building Your Future Through Praying In Tongues

February 6, 2021


The true value of our future is to find what God has given us. I thank God I met the Holy Spirit and realized ...

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The Growth of Knowledge is What Faith Is Built On

January 31, 2021


God has great adventures for you and it will require your faith. Faith that lasts is built on learning the truth of who you ...

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Jesus Overcame His Temptations and So Can You

January 30, 2021


Jesus was our example in every way and when the devil came, Jesus overcame every temptation. The enemy tempts us the same way, with ...

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The Holy Spirit Teaches Your Inner Man

January 24, 2021


Faith is not the absence of intellect. It is actually based on logic and Truth that comes from God. As a born again believer ...

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Standing for the Impossible on the Word

January 23, 2021


The victory of God’s promises are already complete and sealed for us by the blood of Christ. God has formed a pathway that is ...

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Why the Warfare to Keep Praying in Tongues?

January 17, 2021


Each of us has a specific mission from God to holiness and to our calling. There is only one way for this path and ...

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Jesus Made It Possible for His Father to Become Your Father

January 16, 2021


Many believers are waiting until heaven to celebrate an amazing life with God. Taking from the verse that says there are “many mansions”, it ...

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