Restoring Integrity of the Gospel

November 22, 2020


God has a specific will for each of us that no man can make happen. When we honor His steps and plans for us, ...

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The Path to Trusting God in Everything

November 15, 2020


Our promotion can come from two places, God, or our own ambition. We can fight for our right to succeed if we’re afraid God ...

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You Have a Father Who Loves You

November 14, 2020


One of the most important revelations we can have is that we have a Father who loves us. The more we learn from scripture ...

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Faith Must Be Built Upon His Works And Not Yours

November 7, 2020


Standing on the Word of God for a miracle is foundational to our beliefs. Jesus has paid the price in full for all that ...

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Stay Singular and Focus on God’s Path for You

November 1, 2020


God has a wonderful plan for your life! It takes grit and heart to stay the course. Let’s determine not to be moved by ...

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Hold on to His Love

October 31, 2020


Jesus came to this earth so everyone could experience and be transformed by God’s love. He desires for us to change into image of ...

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Finding God’s Strength Through Intimacy

October 25, 2020


The transition happening to us as we seek God requires a death to our old self. Many Christians fail because they use their own ...

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It’s Only a Speed Bump On the Road to Victory

October 24, 2020


We have a Father who loves us. He is Faithful to His Word. Along your walk you may hit difficult times and road blocks ...

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We Don’t Earn Anything From God – We Receive It

October 18, 2020


We are an heir of the kingdom of God and that means we cannot earn anything He has for us! We can have as ...

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God Is Our Strength – We Never Give Up

October 17, 2020


Faith is the path we walk on through difficult times, not the absence of struggles. We may not have all the answers in this ...

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Giving God Your Authority to Work His Plan for Your Nation

October 11, 2020


God needs our authority to work His plan on earth. We don’t want to stop at just having good standards in our towns and ...

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Jesus the Incorruptible Seed for All Generations

October 10, 2020


When Adam fell, God made a plan for Jesus to be the door for salvation. Not only is the path available for us, but ...

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Build Your House on the Wisdom and Direction of God

October 4, 2020


We don’t walk in the impossible using wisdom from this world! We need His wisdom and His knowledge to walk in the Victory God ...

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Jesus Was Born of Faith and We Are Born Again by Faith

October 3, 2020


The right to be a child of God comes from our faith when we received Jesus as our Savior. God chose Israel to physically ...

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Salvation Was the Beginning of Transformation

September 27, 2020


Our salvation was the beginning of a beautiful transformation. Much in the way that a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. Let’s walk with ...

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Jesus Is The Only Door You Got

September 26, 2020


Old things are passed away behold all things have become new! We are of the Seed of God now. Jesus was legally born as ...

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God’s All Consuming Fire Wants You

September 20, 2020


The Holy Spirit is an all consuming fire. It will devour everything that touches it, including our own desires. But when we can say ...

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You Really Are A Child Of God

September 19, 2020


Becoming “born again” is so much more than a statement of faith. It is the beginning of an incredible transformation from one species into ...

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