The Renewing of the Mind Is in the Inner Man

June 5, 2022


One of the commands of God is for us to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Many Christians attempt to do this ...

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True Spiritual Life Is About Spiritual Growth

May 29, 2022


The same way a seed has an image inside of it is how your new nature is to you. The seed takes the nutrients ...

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Mortification Is the Utter Destruction of Emotional Strongholds

May 28, 2022


The brokenness of your natural soul is a powerful tool the enemy can use to pull you in directions away from the fullness of ...

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You Are Not Adopted You Are Born of God

May 22, 2022


Many believers feel they have a relationship with God through a covenant. Their relationship is similar to being adopted by one family from another ...

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Purpose Is the Love Language of the Flesh

May 21, 2022


Our drive to find purpose does not come from God. He desires to lead us step by step. If you are following purpose you ...

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Are You a Disciple or a Follower of Jesus Christ?

May 15, 2022


What an incredible opportunity it would be to be a disciple of Christ. To spend all that time sitting at His feet learning from ...

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The Suffering Of Inner Healing

May 14, 2022


If you have a brokenness that is trying to work in your life you can recognize it because it’s trying to pull you away ...

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We Want to Be a People of Truth and Sound Doctrine

May 8, 2022


There is incredible and wonderful things that God has for us. The path to these is found in knowing and learning who we are ...

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Inner Healing Is Found Inside Of Transformation

May 7, 2022


The natural body is created with the ability to stay alive – as is our natural soul. It inherently develops ways to protect and ...

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Discussing the Soul: Mind, Desires, and Emotions

May 1, 2022


Understanding who we are in Christ is paramount to knowing what to expect in our life. Many believers secretly feel as if they are ...

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You Are Stronger Than You Know!

April 30, 2022


Our first birth was not equal to others, but our second birth in Christ was! God had to leave us in this body which ...

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You Are Wearing the Outward Soul of Your First Birth

April 25, 2022


Are you birthed of God, or are you adopted? The way you see yourself will determine how you believe and what you will expect. ...

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The Monkey On My Back

April 23, 2022


In this video we’re going to examine where the daily battles come from. When we face an emotion, desire, or fear that’s contrary to ...

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The Miracle of Salvation – You Are Born of Him

April 17, 2022


Jesus made it possible for His Father to become your Father. Too many believers look at their relationship more as if they are being ...

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What Is Biblical Inner Healing?

April 16, 2022


Inner healing is a term used in the christian circle to explain how God is working in us to help us overcome issues we’ve ...

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Revival – God Needs Mature Believers to Work Through

April 10, 2022


God has a plan for His church to turn the world upside down. The lack of spiritual growth and the focus on “believing” means ...

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Help For The Brokenhearted

April 9, 2022


Ministry to the brokenhearted is as important as any other ministry. There is a pathway with God out of brokenness and it is found ...

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The Pathway of Love and The Anointing of the Believer

April 3, 2022


Our calling is a job in God’s kingdom. It is work and if you don’t maintain your relationship with God, it falls apart. Your ...

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Who Is “His”?

April 2, 2022


Within learning about transformation, we have been learning about our creation in entirety. As we’ve grown up our natural soul has trained us to ...

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The Flesh – Start With Denying and Finish With Mortifying

March 27, 2022


The image of Jesus is already complete inside of our new nature. As it grows forward it comes forth as fruit into our inner ...

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