Encouragement During Difficult Times

April 29, 2023


When hard times come as we follow Christ, it isn’t always because something is wrong in our walk. It can mean something is very ...

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From What Place Can I Believe For Revival?

April 22, 2023


When we think about revival do we believe it’s going to be a sovereign move of God? God is training us to mature us ...

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Do Not Let the Sun Go Down on Your Wrath

April 15, 2023


If I were to put a new believer on any path, it would be the path of transformation. There are many things we can ...

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Leaving Hell And Leaving The Tomb Are Two Separate Events

April 8, 2023


Many believers feel that the resurrection of Jesus applies to them when they enter into heaven, however in this message I explain how we ...

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How To Have Victory Over The Past

April 1, 2023


The image within our old man can seem overwhelming sometimes. But don’t be discouraged because there is hope in God through transformation. In this ...

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Are You Conforming Or Transforming?

March 25, 2023


Many believers will miss out on the beauty and power of transformation. Religion allows us to live our lives serving God from our old ...

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Breaking The Shell Of The Outward Man

March 18, 2023


As we are learning more about who Christ made us at salvation, we are also learning about what was left over from our first ...

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Transformation Is The Path To The Impossible

March 11, 2023


We were not only called to act as Christ but we were born again to become like Him. As we spend time in the ...

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Who Is the Old Man That I Am to Mortify?

March 4, 2023


What comes to mind when you think of the old man? Is it drunkenness and lying? Many Christians think that the flesh is just ...

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Killing the Root of Fleshly Desires is Possible

February 23, 2023


We can spend a lifetime cutting off the fruit of the flesh only to have it continuously grow back, or we can mortify the ...

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Move Beyond Discipline By Putting Off The Old Man

February 18, 2023


Many believers live in a cycle of living disciplined and constantly battling against the fruit of sin. In this message we discuss the path ...

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Where Exactly Is The Source Of Your Struggles?

February 11, 2023


Why is it that we struggle after we are saved and where does it come from? Understanding your inner man and the outward man ...

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Transformation Is The Only Path To Love

February 4, 2023


Many Christians come to Christ and begin to try and change their life attempting to imitate the lifestyle that’s in the Bible. They try ...

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Locating The Source Of Your Fight

January 28, 2023


Where does the desire to lie come from? We know it’s our flesh. But is it in our arm? Does it originate from our ...

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Do Not Train The Outward Man, Mortify Him

January 21, 2023


Our outward man has a mind, desires, and emotions that can never be like God’s. We can’t convince our natural mind to believe how ...

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The Outer Man’s Soul vs. The Inner Man’s Soul

January 14, 2023


When we became a new creation, we became an entirely new being in the spirit. Many in the church are trying to fix their ...

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Your New Man And Old Man Used To Be The Same Man

January 7, 2023


The miracle of salvation is that you became a new creature. God birthed a new man inside of the old man. Now you have ...

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Spirit, Soul, And Body Does Not Describe You, Yet

December 31, 2022


One day we will be a completely full of light. In fact, we will be only light and righteous with no darkness. Until then, ...

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The Treasure Chest Of Your Inner Man

December 24, 2022


In this message we discuss what we really gained in our salvation. You truly did become a new creation at your salvation. Watch and ...

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How Transformation Looks At The Mind, Will, And Emotions

December 17, 2022


Is the love we had before we were born again the same love we operate from afterwards? If so, couldn’t we just love people ...

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