Renewing of the Holy Spirit

January 5, 2020


There’s nothing that we can’t overcome! The enemy desires for us to settle for a lesser standard of what God has for us. But ...

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The Spirit Man and The Natural Man

December 29, 2019


Spiritual wisdom is not the same as human wisdom. We now have complete access to God’s eternal thoughts! Through our spiritual man we can ...

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Accessing God’s Eternal Wisdom for Your Life

December 22, 2019


There’s truth and knowledge about who God is and about who you are that can only come from Him. He wants us to know ...

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Avoiding the Road of Legalism and Fruitlessness

December 15, 2019


There’s great hope in sowing now into our spirit. Let’s continue to press on and change this world!!

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Transformation Is a Process

December 8, 2019


Transformation is a process of great hope that allows anyone to walk into all God has for them. Let’s share this hope and change ...

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Transformation – Keep Sowing Into the Spirit

December 1, 2019


There’s something beautiful in our future that can only come from the spirit. The power of prayer and process of transformation turns every believer ...

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Sow to the Spirit and You will Reap of the Spirit

November 24, 2019


God loves us so much, right where we are. But he expects us to grow and mature in Him. He doesn’t want us to ...

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The Book of Hebrews – The Law That Is Now Written in Our Hearts

November 17, 2019


What God really wants is for us to surrender our lives to Him. We can attempt to run from standards of holiness or try ...

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Going to a Place Called ‘Cherith’

November 3, 2019


Elijah was sent to Cherith, where he was completely alone with God. He had to face himself as God prepared the future. When we ...

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You Are Unique – Submit to Your Calling and His Direction

October 27, 2019


How much of God do we want in our life? Some are satisfied with just making it to heaven. Others desire more. God has ...

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My Security in God Is Because I’m His Child

October 20, 2019


As children of God, let’s look to Him as our Father and receive love and approval as family. Let’s not make the mistake of ...

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Become Mature In Who God Made You

October 13, 2019


We have a choice! To walk in part or walk in the fullness of God. We remain immature or chose to mature in God’s ...

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Let Love Be the Authority for God to Work Through You

October 9, 2019


Your pursuit is never the gifts but His love in you, and working through you. If you develop in love and holiness, God will ...

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Finding Our Place In the Body of Christ

October 7, 2019


Each of us has a specific and individual place in the body of Christ. As you follow the Lord you will discover who you ...

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Communion – Taking Account of Your Life and Making Adjustments

October 6, 2019


There are no limits in God for you! You can have as much of Him in your life as you desire! It’s important to ...

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The Book of Hebrews – The Foundation of Your Righteousness

September 29, 2019


What gives us a right to believe for God’s promises? Is it our good works? Once we are born again, righteousness is the foundation ...

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The Book of Hebrews – The Hidden Genealogy of Jesus Christ

September 22, 2019


From Abraham to Jesus…that entire lineage gave us the right to receive the nature of Christ. Our new nature gives us the right to ...

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The Book of Hebrews – God’s Amazing Detailed Plan to Bring Jesus into the Earth

September 15, 2019


The rescue plan for mankind had to be so intricate and legal…only God was capable of designing such an amazing, complex and complete pathway ...

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