The Book of Hebrews – Jesus’ Blood is the Ink Signed on the Will

May 12, 2019


Jesus paid for our full inheritance by the shedding of His blood. Nothing else is needed! It is possible for you to receive because ...

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Our Journey to the Promises of God

May 6, 2019


We have the incorruptible seed of the new nature inside of us! On the inside!!! Our possibilities are endless when we allow the image ...

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The Book of Hebrews – The Pillars of God’s Immutability

April 28, 2019


Our walk with God must be based on who God is. That means all our safety and peace is in Him and never in ...

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The Book of Hebrews – The Immutability of God’s Counsel

April 21, 2019


Christ’s resurrection was such an important point in time for believers. Those three days, from death to life, provided us with everything we need ...

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The Book of Hebrews – Spiritual Immaturity

April 7, 2019


A lack of maturity in our spiritual life can cause us to fail when hard times come. When we focus on spiritual growth, then ...

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Victory in the Midst of Persecution

March 31, 2019


God’s heart is for us to dominate over everything that comes against us. We can do more than survive the battles of life, because ...

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The Pathway to Being a Victor – Not a Victim

March 17, 2019


Victory has already been paid for by Jesus! There is no battle that has not been defeated already. We must choose between the path ...

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In This Family We Don’t Accept Tips

March 10, 2019


The only way to truly represent God to the world, is to show Him in us. We must first become rooted in His love ...

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The Book of Hebrews – Don’t Change Course in Times of Trouble

February 3, 2019


Under great persecution, they were still commanded to endure and not turn back. Sometimes we need a reminder that having faith in Christ is ...

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Following God Into the Impossible

January 13, 2019


Let’s not stop and live in the possible. Let’s walk all the way into the impossible, the place where God lives. We have a ...

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The Fight of Faith

January 6, 2019


The real fight of faith is learning who we truly are and who God is. Once we understand that, there is nothing we can’t ...

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Understanding the Father’s Love

December 23, 2018


God doesn’t just love, He is love. There’s so much to learn about His love towards each of us. Let’s start learning the truth ...

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No Hope = No Fight

December 16, 2018


The moment we accept where we are, then we’ve lost the fight. Accept what God’s Word says about you and be encouraged to fight ...

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Keep Your Hope and Trust in God

December 4, 2018


During difficult times, the most important thing to do is TRUST. Trust in God’s Word. Trust in God’s plan to walk with you. The ...

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