Straight Talk - Topics for young guys, girls and ministers

If you are a young man or woman in need of Godly mentoring and wisdom, and are looking for more of God but not sure what to do, then you have found the right place. At your fingertips are very practical steps and life lessons that can save years of your life. We realize the world is lacking father figures to help guide and direct; it is our desire to help you along in your walk with God, and save you years of hurt and regret by helping you avoid many of the same pitfalls that some of us have fallen into. This site was created to help mentor you and guide you into becoming a mature, confident, Godly man or woman.

Please read: The topics are split into three parts below: Guys, Girls, and Young Ministers. Each category is directed to that specific group. You will find audio teachings numbered in order, starting with the very basics. You should start with #1, but if you find a specific message that speaks just to something you would like to know more about. Each message breaks down specific topics to help answer questions that you might have.