Endurance And Patience Are Ingredients To Victory

February 24, 2024


There is a path to your calling that will go through every test and trial by His strength. It is a cost of death ...

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Finding Promotion By Becoming An Unprofitable Servant

February 17, 2024


Many believers seek God for His promotion but they are trapped in a carnal understanding. Yes you are called of God – but that ...

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A Secret For Promotion In Your Calling

February 10, 2024


There is only one way into our callings. God will ask us to give up all of our plan B strategies and trust only ...

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Don’t Give Up, The Path Of Prayer Is The Path Of Victory

February 3, 2024


Many believers serve God with their life but few are willing to lay their life down. Doing things on behalf of the gospel is ...

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Jesus In Us Is The Authority For Revival

January 27, 2024


God wants revival more than we do. Revival does not come because of His timing but from us seeking His face. The authority of ...

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The Church Is to Be Jesus to the Lost

January 20, 2024


God’s heart towards us as His children is that we will come to Him. He doesn’t want a person to be between you and ...

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Finding Courage Through Intimacy With Christ

January 13, 2024


Following God into revival requires more than sound doctrine and obedience, it requires intimacy. In our relationship with God He will ask for our ...

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Walking Into The Impossibility Of Unity

January 6, 2024


Christians today have a hard time getting along. We can play nice with each other but it really falls short of the standard of ...

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The Importance Of Being Planted By The Lord

December 30, 2023


It’s important that we allow God to place us where He knows we can grow. If we feel God has called us to a ...

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Walking Into The Fruit Of Your Calling

December 23, 2023


Today I’d like to share about what it means to give ourselves to the will of God, instead of fulfilling a drive to do ...

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Letting Go Of The Agenda Of The Flesh

December 16, 2023


When you were born, God placed a call on your life. After you were born again He began to mold you to fit that ...

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Walk Worthy Of Your Calling

December 9, 2023


Each of us are called to be a part of His Body. Every calling working individually to keep the entire body moving. This means ...

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What Causes Us To See In The Mirror (Glass) Dimly?

December 2, 2023


The moment you are saved you have a complete image of Christ in you. With the help of the Holy Spirit, that image will ...

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Knowing The Person Of The Holy Ghost Instead Of Just A Part

November 25, 2023


The Holy Ghost is an entire person who is more than just His operations. God gave us gifts to operate from as we continue ...

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The Meaning Of Putting Away Childish Things

November 18, 2023


When the scripture tells us to put away childish things, it isn’t talking about us putting away childish things in the natural. He is ...

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The Comparison Is Spiritual Leaders vs. Carnal

November 11, 2023


So many Christian leaders settle for operating out of the gifts assuming it is a sign of God’s approval. But the gifts limit the ...

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Walking in the Gifts as We Grow in Love

November 4, 2023


The gifts are a great resource God has given to us as new believers. According to our calling, we can walk in gifts while ...

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The Two Channels Of Authority For You

October 28, 2023


We are God’s authority here on Earth. He does not take control, rather He willingly operates through the authority that we give Him. He ...

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Are You In The Carnal Tree Of Ministry Or The Spiritual Tree

October 21, 2023


God does not have a hierarchy system where He esteems one calling above another. He looks to everything He does through us as a ...

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You Can Walk With God Through Your Carnal Man Or Spirit Man

October 14, 2023


The Lord showed me to look at the pathways of ministry as trees. There are two trees to choose from. One tree of ministry ...

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