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God Will Always Speak Specifically to You

February 4, 2018


The part you play in life and the lives of others will be different from the person next to you. What you do, is ...

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You Are Unique and Your Walk in God is Unique

January 28, 2018


God’s relationship and walk with every single one of us is as unique as we are! He loves each of us with such depth. ...

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Nothing Impresses God if it’s Not Built on His Love

January 14, 2018


LOVE is the first sign of a man or woman of God. Miracles, prophecies, prosperity are all good things, but let’s chase them through ...

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The God Who Draws Us Near in Our Struggles

January 7, 2018


We have to let God help us in our battles and in our struggles! We will find we don’t have to carry the weight ...

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Choosing to Be a Bond Servant

December 31, 2017


This year, I believe, will be a year of fruitfulness in God’s will. There will be many lines crossed of growth and maturity that ...

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Real Compassion Always Brings People to Jesus

December 10, 2017


Real compassion is exposed. We wear it, we talk about it, we see it! Honest passion & honest compassion doesn’t stop because of people ...

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You Walking Worthy of Your Calling

November 13, 2017


If we really believe in revival, we need to prepare for it!!! There are people that NEED us. We need to take the time ...

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Stand On His Promises While Doing the Work That You Can

November 5, 2017


We don’t accept where we are as being where we have to live. There’s hope for us! Let’s use every tool God’s given us ...

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You Don’t Have to Deal With It Alone

October 29, 2017


We are not staying the same, no matter what our fight is. Each one of us have the Holy Spirit willing to walk step ...

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