Paul’s Stand Against False Apostles and Their Doctrine

July 15, 2018


The truth of God’s Word is not changing. It is full of Hope and Power and must be defended against wrong beliefs. Let’s keep ...

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There Is Triumph in Victory!

July 8, 2018


In every trial we face, God has one plan for us. TRIUMPH! This is more than a celebration. It is openly exposing the enemy ...

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The Rebuilding of Your Inner Man

June 10, 2018


Our inner man is brought to life by the new nature. It allows unlimited spiritual growth for all Christians! If there is nothing we ...

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Developing the Spiritual You

June 3, 2018


Spiritual growth is available for every believer! But we can’t confuse experiences for growth. No matter where we start, each of us have the ...

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Encouragement to God’s Intercessors

May 27, 2018


Praying God’s Word earnestly from your heart causes real intercession. Lend Him your authority and faith, then expect that He will make a way ...

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In Everything Give Thanks for This is the Will of God in Christ Jesus

May 13, 2018


Discouragement comes to steal your hope. It can come in many forms. But God’s supernatural pathway will always lead you to victory! Let’s continue ...

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Disciples – We Are Unprofitable Servants

May 6, 2018


Giving up your rights to hold offense is an important step for all who desire to be a disciple of Christ. Many people attempt ...

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Disciples Do Not Get to Be Followers

April 29, 2018


Followers are led by what they receive. Disciples are led by His will. We are called to more!!! God has so much more for ...

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He Who Walks With Wise Men Will Be Wise

April 15, 2018


It’s a beautiful thing to transform in the things of God! As we grow in the Lord, so will the choice of the people ...

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True Friends of the Gospel

April 1, 2018


Friendship is true partnership together! We get the promotion together, we go through fire together and we see revival together. We can’t be alone ...

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Seeking God for His Truth

March 12, 2018


He won’t get rid of us and He won’t give up on us! He believes in us. He has WONDERFUL things in our future. ...

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Are You Willing to Fulfill God’s Purpose?

March 4, 2018


You may be wondering where God is, but stay in His will! He has a whole picture in His mind and in His plan ...

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What Does ‘Walking in Darkness’ Mean to You?

February 12, 2018


Jesus became everything for us so we don’t have to separate from God. We walk with Him, even in our struggles. So let’s be ...

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God Will Always Speak Specifically to You

February 4, 2018


The part you play in life and the lives of others will be different from the person next to you. What you do, is ...

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