December 9, 2020

Jesus taught about two different paths. One is narrow. One is wide. When we go to the Greek and understand the word “narrow,” we begin to understand the narrow path is constricted because of difficulties. In life, we have to make decisions when we follow God. You will find if you walk with God that He will ask you to face things you do not want to face. Instead of His original plan, we may want to substitute our own plan or even get a committee together to make a plan. But there are consequences for missing God’s plan and for stepping out of God’s will. When God told Moses and the people of Israel to take the Promised Land, they walked themselves out of God’s plan and into missing it. Let’s be brave and follow God. No matter what the enemy does, let’s be giant killers like Joshua and Caleb.

The road to the high call is littered with tests and trials. The enemy places many obstacles on your path to discourage you and to distract you. The narrow path can seem difficult and hard at times, but it is the true way to our victory.

Matthew 7. Numbers 13 and 14. Deuteronomy 1.

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