Establishing Your Calling In The Spirit And Not The Flesh

April 3, 2021


If God assigned our callings while in our mother’s womb then we are all equally important to His plans. No person or calling is ...

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My Answer To “What Is Blaspheming The Holy Spirit?”

March 27, 2021


Throughout many years of ministry, I’ve run into believers who feared that they had committed the unpardonable sin and had blasphemed the Holy Spirit. ...

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How to Cultivate Victory for Difficult Times: Hebrews 6:4 Explained

March 20, 2021


The power in the Word of God to shape our opinions and guide our actions should not depend on our viewpoint. The Word will ...

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You Have a Father Who Loves You – Believe It!

March 13, 2021


When I watch my kids play sports, as their father, I single them out among the others and focus on them. God is your ...

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We Are No Longer Sinners Saved By Grace

March 6, 2021


We are no longer sinners saved by grace. We are new creatures now saved by grace! We really are new creations born from above ...

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Save Your Future By Walking In Forgiveness

February 27, 2021


Life can be hard for some and very difficult for others. Many believers are trapped in the past where they were hurt and taken ...

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Being Impressed With The Still Small Voice

February 20, 2021


So many believers are looking for God in the whirlwind. Too many are searching for experiences from the spirit world, but the best of ...

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The Importance Of Praying In Tongues – With A Prayer To Receive It At The End

February 13, 2021


Inside of each of us we hold an image of who we are and of who God is. We see all things through the ...

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Building Your Future Through Praying In Tongues

February 6, 2021


The true value of our future is to find what God has given us. I thank God I met the Holy Spirit and realized ...

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Jesus Overcame His Temptations and So Can You

January 30, 2021


Jesus was our example in every way and when the devil came, Jesus overcame every temptation. The enemy tempts us the same way, with ...

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Standing for the Impossible on the Word

January 23, 2021


The victory of God’s promises are already complete and sealed for us by the blood of Christ. God has formed a pathway that is ...

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Jesus Made It Possible for His Father to Become Your Father

January 16, 2021


Many believers are waiting until heaven to celebrate an amazing life with God. Taking from the verse that says there are “many mansions”, it ...

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

January 9, 2021


There is no safer place than the will of God. When Jesus needed help for the impossible He would get the answer from His ...

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How To Help Someone Who Has Difficulty Praying In Tongues

January 2, 2021


There is a beautiful heavenly language that God has for each of us. Like a few others, I had difficulty receiving my prayer language ...

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Your Little Steps Of Obedience Will Always Produce Miracles

December 26, 2020


It is easy to underestimate the value of the little things in our life. The practice of hearing and obeying God is fundamental to ...

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The Meaning to the Verse – ‘Do All Speak With Tongues?’

December 19, 2020


Tongues for edification is a heavenly language that is for everyone who is born again. It is the main way God processes Truth from ...

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God Exalts Himself Through You – Enjoy the Ride

December 12, 2020


Do you desire to walk in your calling? Many people are trying to get God to promote them but are going at it the ...

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Facing Giants – Be Brave And Follow God

December 9, 2020


Jesus taught about two different paths. One is narrow. One is wide. When we go to the Greek and understand the word “narrow,” we ...

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Counting the Cost of Following Christ

November 28, 2020


The high call is a sacrifice of all your rights. The high call is letting go of the desires of your flesh. We might ...

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What Is Gospel Unity?

November 21, 2020


Many people pursue peace with one another in the name of unity, however the true unity that God is after is with Him. He ...

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