Experience The Second Death Before Your Mortal Body Stops Breathing

August 21, 2021


There are two deaths that every person must face, and once you are born again you have gained victory over one. It’s from that ...

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Seeing From The Eyes Of Your Inner Man

August 14, 2021


We can choose the way that we look at this life. We can see through our natural eyes and understanding or through our spiritual ...

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Why Do We Need To Transform?

August 7, 2021


Everyone wants to be better and do better in their lives. The question is really “how do you get there?” This is why our ...

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Change Is Not Transformation

July 31, 2021


We all appreciate a good story of victory and can celebrate when someone changes their life. Change is a good thing but it can ...

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Don’t Wait Until Heaven To Be Like Jesus

July 24, 2021


In our Christian culture many believers are looking toward heaven to see Jesus. Many are also waiting until Heaven to enjoy the fullness of ...

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Saved By Grace Means You Are Also Safe With Him

July 17, 2021


Knowing in our heart of hearts that God is our loving Father should be our first mission. Also knowing why you can call Him ...

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Get Into The Presence Of Your Father. Now!

July 10, 2021


Entering into the presence of God is a beautiful experience, and it is the power and strength to bring hope and victory into our ...

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Jesus Is Our Intercessor And Not Our Lawyer

July 3, 2021


At your salvation you are born into the family of God. God actually became your Heavenly Father and you are His child. Many Christians ...

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God Never Abandons Anyone

June 26, 2021


Always remember that it is impossible for God to ever abandon you. There should never be a fear of God that says you can ...

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Being Safe With God While Not Being Perfect

June 19, 2021


Everyone knows that you are a work in progress, including God. He is not surprised at the weaknesses that you may battle to overcome. ...

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Grace Empowers You But Does Not Liberate You From The Fight Of The Flesh

June 12, 2021


In a healthy family we are certainly given grace to learn and grow. I want my kids to grow in character, not to just ...

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Beware Of The Two Ways To Fall From Grace

June 5, 2021


In understanding grace, we must accept that we can never earn it but can only receive it by faith in Christ. His grace is ...

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Partnering With The Life Changing Grace Of God

May 29, 2021


When you were young, did you ever see an Olympic gymnast and then try to copy one of the flips because they made it ...

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Healthy Grace Is Powerful

May 22, 2021


God’s gift to us was His righteousness and our gift back to Him should be our holiness. Please don’t be discouraged in your walk ...

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Grace Is Not A Bad Word, In Fact It Is A Beautiful Word

May 15, 2021


What does grace really mean for you? There are so many variations of what it stands for in the Body of Christ. Some say ...

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Beware Of The Agenda Of Twisted Grace

May 8, 2021


When we are walking with God, relying on His definition of grace is so important. Grace is powerful but if misunderstood it can become ...

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Exposing The Unhealthy Grace Message

May 1, 2021


God’s love never changes toward us, but beware of the message of the false prophets that will lead you down a path that brings ...

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Overcoming Fear From The Past To Walk Into Your Future

April 24, 2021


Life can be hard and many believers have long held fears from their past. Even though fear is an illusion and a lie, it ...

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The Simple Practice Of Praying Your Loved Ones Into Heaven

April 17, 2021


Trusting in the power of our prayer is to really thoroughly leave our loved ones in God’s hands. He hears our prayers. God needs ...

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Getting Married To The New Nature – Understanding Romans 7

April 10, 2021


We need to know and understand Romans Chapter Seven! So many quote from these verses to justify their actions. The quote is out of ...

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