Let’s Chase God and Not Our Dreams

October 15, 2022


The world teaches us to chase our dreams but the Word teaches us to chase God. God has great plans for us as His ...

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Be Humble And Give Your Talents To God

October 8, 2022


It is important to for us to wait on God’s promotion. We have natural talents but God doesn’t promote us by what we can ...

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Salvation Was Your Beginning, But God Will Make You Whole

October 1, 2022


Why do we still have the desire for sin after we have the nature of God inside of us? So many Christians battle with ...

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You Are Truly Birthed Into A New Family

September 24, 2022


Are we truly birthed of God or has He just adopted us into His family, but we’re really born from our earthly parents? The ...

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Let Your Passion Lead You Into His Glory

September 17, 2022


So many believers serve God without ever getting to fully know His will. They will do things for God yet not grow into the ...

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Your Inner Man Can Become Very Smart!

September 10, 2022


Our natural soul has a way of operating. It tells us what success looks like. However, we are born again and have a new ...

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You Are Not Just Called His Child, You Are Born His Child

September 3, 2022


The single most important revelation a believer can have is that God is your Father. There is a great difference in calling Him Father ...

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2 Corinthians 7:1 What Is “Filthiness Of Spirit?”

August 27, 2022


Here is a verse with many different opinions of its meaning. The way you interpret this scripture can affect the way you see yourself. ...

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You Are In The Adoption Process But You Are Not Adopted

August 20, 2022


Understanding the process of adoption further reinforces the importance of understanding our inner man, outer man, and new nature. The lengths God went through ...

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You Are Not A Conqueror, But You Are More Than A Conqueror!

August 13, 2022


There is a battle in this life from many fronts. As believers we can walk through anything as overcomers in Him. Our own outward ...

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The Glorified Body And The Hope Of The Finish Line

August 6, 2022


When we became born again the fight for our real life began. There is a promise awaiting us at the finish line far greater ...

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How We Receive Our Glorified Body

July 30, 2022


Our natural body is very important to God. It’s what allows us to remain here and bring about His will. But what significance does ...

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The Order Of The Glorified Bodies For Each Generation

July 23, 2022


The finished work of salvation is complete when we receive our glorified body. What about those who died before Jesus was resurrected? There is ...

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The Groaning That Changes Things Forever

July 16, 2022


In your salvation you have been birthed into a new species called the Children of God. Accepting that you are now a new creature ...

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The Art Of Daily Suffering

July 9, 2022


When we are asked to “suffer for Christ’s sake”, what is it God is asking? The church has gradually gone away from the message ...

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Overcoming The Beast Of Your Outward Body

July 2, 2022


Within the transformation process we begin to learn who we are. We are also learning who we aren’t. How much of this natural body ...

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This Old Man And His Deeds

June 25, 2022


Our first birth we were born into the dead species of Adam. There is no life in this birth, there’s just existence. We were ...

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Damming Up The Salt Water Well

June 18, 2022


Like the rudder of a ship or a bridle on a horse, out of the mouth the heart speaks. On this path to walking ...

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How Does A Good Tree Show Bad Fruit?

June 11, 2022


Matthew 7:18 is a verse that has often been misrepresented. Not understanding what this verse means may have you assume you’re saved one day ...

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Jesus Showed Us What Inner Healing Looks Like

June 4, 2022


Jesus showed us what true inner healing should look like. There are an abundance of emotionally hurting people searching for hope. In this message ...

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