Hey Pilgrim, Welcome To The Journey

January 8, 2022


When we become born again God places us on a path that leads us out of a life lived for this earth, and into ...

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Becoming A Good Steward Of The Manifold Grace Of God

January 1, 2022


Serving God is a great tool to use. I encourage you to serve God. However, I don’t want us to stop at serving God. ...

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Celebrating The Truth Of Christmas

December 25, 2021


Merry Christmas my friends! It’s wonderful to be with you today. Aren’t we blessed to have a Father that would go to great lengths ...

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Why You Are Not Second Class In God

December 18, 2021


In our natural life we’ll have strengths or weaknesses others won’t have. We’ll have had experienced things others may not have. But when we ...

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From Vessels Of Clay To Vessels Of Gold

December 11, 2021


Every person starts at the same place when we are born again as we have the same opportunity of transforming to the image of ...

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Renew The New Man And Mortify The Old Man

December 4, 2021


Let’s continue clarifying the language we use concerning transformation. The devil isn’t afraid of our natural love or our natural peace. But he can’t ...

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The Love Of God Can’t Be Substituted

November 27, 2021


On this pathway toward transformation are all of the promises God has for us. As we renew our inner man by spending time with ...

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Don’t Change What You Think But Change Where You Think From

November 20, 2021


Transformation is one of the messages hidden away from the church for centuries. However, it is the only way we can give the world ...

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It’s Better to Fly for One Day Than to Never Fly At All

November 13, 2021


The moment you were born again you received a new nature and became a child of God. There is a complete image of Christ ...

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Float Like A Butterfly

November 6, 2021


Can a caterpillar choose to fly, or a tree choose to produce fruit? In this teaching learn how transformation is the only way to ...

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Move From Living In The Natural Man To Living In The Spiritual Man

October 30, 2021


Many of us began by fixing up our outward man, but there so much more available to us. Instead of repairing our past and ...

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It’s Okay To Take The Time To Grow

October 23, 2021


The moment you are born again the Lord wants to include you as His helper. Many of us ran ahead of Him in sincere ...

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Your Body Has A Will Of Its Own

October 16, 2021


Jesus declared many times that His will was to do the will of His Father. Yet, there was a moment where He sweat blood ...

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Look Closer: Spirit, Soul, And Body – Understanding Thessalonians

October 9, 2021


In this teaching we take a closer look at common terminology in Christianity. “I am a spirit who has a soul and lives in ...

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No One Puts New Wine Into Old Wine Skins, Except God

October 2, 2021


God had to leave us in these bodies on this earth which have been saturated with the old wine of the sin nature. He ...

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Are You Saved Or Being Purified?

September 25, 2021


There is an amazing pathway in front of you right now and it is called transformation. It will lead you to the love of ...

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There Is Not Always Going To Be A Struggle

September 18, 2021


In the struggle to walk in all of God for our lives the Apostle Paul says to “not lose heart”. We’ve been equipped with ...

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Looking Closer At Body, Soul, And Spirit

September 11, 2021


Adam’s sin caused him to go from completely light to completely dark. Through salvation in Christ we have now a new nature of light. ...

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Paul’s Same Message To Different People

September 4, 2021


There is a battle that begins the moment you accept Jesus into your heart. It is the fight between who you were and who ...

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Quit Living Like An Animal

August 28, 2021


Our new nature comes directly from God. You are now a child with His nature at your core and all things of God are ...

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