Straight Talk - Young Guys

#1 Dan And The Giant SOUL!
Daniel G. gives his testimony about his personal battles.

#2 Overcoming Through Perseverance
Learn how to overcome obstacles through steadfastness in your walk with God.

#3 You Are Not Weird
You are not as far off as you think. You are not weird.

#4 Dealing With Fear And Intimidation
Learn how to overcome fear and intimidation.

#5 Self Respect
Learning how to respect yourself and others around you.

#6 Your Soul Is A Trickster
You cannot trust your soul and where it leads you. Learn how to out your soul under.

#7 He Is Your Father
God is your Father and He deals with you as a Son.

#8 Self-Worth
Find your self worth in who God says you are and your confidence in His ability to make you all He’s called you to be.

#9 Accepting His Forgiveness
Learn how to accept God’s forgiveness, walk in His grace, and live free from condemnation.

#10 Sex
It’s a major issue that most avoid discussing. Discover some sound counsel for the single guy regarding sex.

#11 Calling
Yes, God does have a calling for your life and a plan to help you get there.

#12 Dating
Nobody wants a broken heart or a bad marriage down the road. Here are some good guidelines to follow regarding dating and relationships.

#13 Emotions
Learning to conquer your emotions is one of the most vital battles you’ll face – and victory in this area will bring victory in every area of your life.

#14 Family & Parents
God’s all about family. Sure, they may drive you crazy at times, but they’ll love you like no other and there is much to learn from them.

#15 Friends
Your friends will make or break you. Learn why it’s worth it to choose your friends wisely.

#16 Responsibility
Learning to be responsible is an incredibly important step towards becoming a man of God.

#17 Big Sister Love
Let a loving “big sister” tell you some things that no one else will about being successful in life, with the girls, and other things you’ll be glad you learned.

#18 Wisdom
Why always learn the hard way? Learn how to walk in more wisdom.

#19 Dealing with Worldliness
You cannot ignore worldliness, you have to deal with it. Learn how to take a stand, to yourself and others.