April 24, 2021

Life can be hard and many believers have long held fears from their past. Even though fear is an illusion and a lie, it can hold us back from God’s plan if it isn’t dealt with. The Holy Spirit has a plan to help us overcome all fear. We will rule over what once ruled us.

Fear comes into our lives, mostly through past trauma. I understand that and I share with you some of the experiences that shaped the way my family and I saw reality. What is fear designed to do? What does God want us to know about fear? In this lesson, we will study someone who was limited in the way he saw himself. We will see the process of a Holy Spirit led walk out of fear and forward into our calling. This is an old-fashioned message about becoming soldiers for the Kingdom of God. I even have six points for those of you who like to take notes.
1. The Lord is _______
2. Remove the ______ of your past.
3. It’s okay to ask God ______
4. Let God limit ______
5. Let God help you strip all ____
6. Celebrate the ____

Judges, Chapter 6, Verse 11 – 40
Judges, Chapter 7, Verse 1 – 22

The video is also available at this link.

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