The Hope That Is Set Before Us

March 26, 2022


God’s call on our life is irreplaceable. Likewise, the way to get there is the same. He has laid out a path for us ...

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Spirit To Spirit To Spirit

March 19, 2022


If I say the word “spirit”, what comes to your mind? If you’re born again you may think your personal spirit, or Holy Spirit. ...

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The Difference Between Being In a Covenant or In the Family of God

March 13, 2022


Many believers understand the concept of being born again, but still operate as if they are under a covenant with God. In this message, ...

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Running Your Race To Win

March 12, 2022


I always was conflicted with the verse of “running a race to win.” I thought we were never to compare ourselves to others. Who ...

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How the Holy Spirit Teaches Your Inward Man

March 6, 2022


It was after Jesus was glorified that the Holy Spirit became our teacher. Even the disciples who had Jesus as their personal teacher needed ...

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Understanding The Word “Soul”

March 5, 2022


Here is another word that causes confusion in the Christian language. In this message we discuss the word “soul” and bring it into context. ...

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Let Us Not Grow Weary

February 27, 2022


There is a patience required to have in this walk of the spirit. As the fruit comes forward from our new nature into our ...

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My Soul Is Connected To Both Realms

February 26, 2022


I would like us to step further into the role our souls have in our lives. Having a firm understanding of this guards us ...

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The Renewing Takes Place In the Inner Man

February 20, 2022


Many believers attempt to fix their outward man. The Word of God will only grow and mature if it’s planted in the heart and ...

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If You Do These Things You Will Never Stumble

February 19, 2022


Prophecy, anointing, and even the presence of God play a great part in our walk, yet are still momentary. These experiences encourage us toward ...

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‘His Name’ Is His Nature in You

February 13, 2022


The enemy was defeated by Christ and that is why he is determined to stop you from developing the characteristics of Jesus in your ...

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You Are Not Your Struggles

February 12, 2022


When you accepted Jesus as your Savior, in that moment you were born again. Your life became brand new in Him. However your outward ...

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Exposing the Carnal Man Trying to Serve God

February 6, 2022


It was at the moment that God stripped away my ability to be purposeful that I discovered my flaw. All those years I thought ...

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Learning The Different Meanings Of Flesh

February 5, 2022


It’s vital to read the Word in context. Just as in our modern vernacular, in the Bible, one word can stand for different things. ...

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Honoring Pastor Dave’s Life and Ministry

January 30, 2022


Our dear Pastor Dave went peacefully to be with the Lord. Here is my message of honoring him and his life.

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Putting To Death The Deeds Of The Outward Man

January 29, 2022


The deeds of our outward man aren’t only the stereotypical ‘no drinking and lying’. It’s everything our natural body uses to direct our lives. ...

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The Pathway of the Impossible for Each of Us

January 23, 2022


The Kingdom of God is full of the impossible in this world. We talk about it and preach about it, but have yet to ...

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The Bringing Down Of Lifelong Strongholds

January 22, 2022


A stronghold is an area of thoughts and emotions that limit us in our walk with God. Many Christians live their entire lives avoiding ...

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That The Excellence Of The Power May Be Of God And Not Of Us

January 15, 2022


Your inner man’s desire is to grow in the wisdom of God. Those things that please your natural man will no longer be enough. ...

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Serving God Through ‘The Walk of the Spirit’

January 9, 2022


The walk of the Spirit is a path that is available for all of God’s children. While on it you will find that not ...

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