You’re Not Out of Control – You’re Just Not In Control

August 2, 2020


The path of praying in tongues brings truth from God into our life. It is that Truth that begins to place Him in the ...

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It’s Our Inner Man That Fellowships With God

August 1, 2020


Being born again means that He is your Father. His greatest pleasure is when we spend private time with Him. Don’t be afraid of ...

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Jesus Had To Grow And So Do You

July 25, 2020


We are complete in Christ at the moment of salvation, yet we still need to grow and mature into that image. Jesus grew in ...

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You Are Wearing a Mortal Body

July 19, 2020


We are in a race against our natural man and God is pleased to put you in a fight against the body that you ...

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Your Inner Man is Hungry for Spiritual Truth – Feed It!

July 18, 2020


Every day to walk into the miraculous on purpose is not mystical, it’s practical! Your inner man is starving and searching for God’s truth ...

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Transition in God is Never Ending

July 12, 2020


We’re on the road to the impossible and the transition in God is never ending. We must teach family and friends that our lives ...

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There Is Inequality in Our First Birth, But in Our Second Birth We Are All Equal in Christ

July 11, 2020


You were actually born into the family of God. In this world we are limited by our natural abilities and upbringing, but in the ...

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Understanding The Inward Body

July 4, 2020


God is the Father of your spirit but not your flesh. Nothing is impossible! You are not limited anymore by your natural man. As ...

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The Will of God Versus the Will of Your Flesh

June 28, 2020


The hardest fight we will face is against the will of our flesh. Even Jesus had to stand strong to stay in the will ...

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Walk by Faith – You Are a Unique Creature

June 27, 2020


Walking by faith is as simple as living by your inner man. You really are a unique creation of God. Nothing is impossible for ...

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The Trap of Defeated Faith Mentality

June 21, 2020


The key word to being in God’s will is surrender. Many believers make decisions out of their search for happiness instead of trusting in ...

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Why Did It Take So Long for Jesus to Come?

June 20, 2020


We can learn some of the multitude of things that God did just to make it possible for Jesus to make His Father our ...

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Don’t Lose Hope of the Path God Has You On

June 14, 2020


There are constant attacks and distractions that come against believers as they follow God. Discouragement is a tool the enemy uses to try and ...

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The Journey From Purpose Filled to Spirit Filled

June 13, 2020


Each of us will discover a specific desire to be filled by purpose. It can cause us to be driven certain directions in this ...

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Should Women Keep Silent in the Church?

June 7, 2020


Woman are not second class in the kingdom of God. Some verses in scripture may seem to hint that they shouldn’t even speak in ...

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Be Like A Tree…And Grow

June 6, 2020


Strong trees need strong roots and we are rooted and grounded in the love of God. We can pull all that we need from ...

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“Don’t Get Distracted From What’s Important”

May 31, 2020


We are the body of Christ and God has a very specific part that is made for you. Let’s not get distracted from His ...

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NO! That Is Not Spiritual Growth

May 24, 2020


God has given us a path to victory in every area in our life. Growing up spiritually into the fullness of Christ is His ...

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Can I Mature In the Spirit

May 17, 2020


Are you on your own through this life? Do you have all of God that you will ever get? There is a path that ...

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The Precious Need for Spiritual Growth

May 10, 2020


How precious is His love for us? How much does He believe in our future. We are made complete in Him but what is ...

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